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Every so often, like cicadas, a buzzword emerges from the popular dialect and becomes omnipresent in the media lexicon. In the early aughts, the word "nuanced" exploded across the cultural landscape to excuse a politician who couldn’t speak straight or a writer who couldn’t write. In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry called his ever-shifting position on the war in Iraq "nuanced" as a way of explaining why he was for it before he was against it. Since then, virtually every politician adopted a "nuanced" position on major issues until, finally, George W. Bush proclaimed "I don’t do nuance."

Gov. J.B. Pritzker and other Democratic leaders announced that they have agreed to a plan to repay the money Illinois borrowed from the Federal Reserve during the COVID-19 pandemic before the end of the next fiscal year.

I attended the Davenport City Council Meeting on April 14 and wish to clarify statements by Alderman Ambrose concerning a consent item being presented concerning Energy, Environment and Climate Change. Progressive Action for the Common Good (PACG) is a 501©3 non-partison, non-political organization (one of several) who are endorsing this resolution.

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