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We should be concerned about the carbon emission goals and adopting renewable energy. Currently our power sector is supplied by 20% renewables. The rest is from power plants: natural gas (40%), nuclear (20%), and coal (20%). Power plants are the backbone of our power sector. They provide abundant, cheap and consistent energy. Even though renewables have some environmental advantages, they have major disadvantages. Windmills do not work without wind; solar does not work when the sun is not shining; and mega-size batteries, which are able to store considerable amounts of electricity, do not exist.

Without meaningful changes, climate change will soon become a public health emergency with the potential to disrupt billions of lives. Climate-influenced disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes are already damaging ecosystems and harming Americans. Leaders within each area of the economy must examine their industry’s role in climate change, and health care is no exception.

As the main driver of America’s economy, consumer spending remains the crucial link to our post-pandemic economic recovery. In February, the Department of Commerce sent a mild shudder across the retail industry when it reported that retail sales in February suddenly fell by 2.7%, far below January’s massive 7.7% gain.

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The statewide unemployment rate in Illinois fell three-tenths of a percentage point in March, to 7.1 percent, as the daily count of new COVID-19 cases and the case positivity rate appeared to be leveling.

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In 2020, U.S. federal farm subsidies reached $46 billion, at least a three-fold increase in annual agricultural supports since President Donald Trump took office. This truly staggering level of taxpayer spending constituted nearly 40% of U.S. farm income, making agriculture a de facto public-private partnership. Some might call it socialism. Others might see it as a blatant attempt to buy votes in flyover country during an election year.

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