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Using the pandemic as an excuse, during the months before the 2020 election, shrewd attorneys employed by the DNC sued key states to force them to eliminate standard voter integrity measures, such as voter registration requirements, signature matches, valid postmarking, etc. These lawyers even arranged for leftist billionaires to hire staff for government offices but only in precincts heavily weighted with Democrats, thus effectively turning said offices into DNC "get out the vote" operations.

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Republicans are stealing Iowa’s right to vote through petty restrictions. Have you ever seen the show "The Floor is Lava"? My grandchildren love it. It’s an obstacle course, where if you fall, you drop into a swirling pool of red liquid ("lava"). Unfortunately, voting in Iowa has also become an obstacle course. Only if you can make it through a maze of restrictions, do you get to vote.

Thousands of poll-watching officials abide by this direction. Their fundamental responsibility is to tacitly enforce the one-citizen, one-vote rule that has protected our democracy for scores of years. Exceptions to one person in the voting booth are handicapped, voters with children, persons requiring assistance, legitimate absentees and military who serve out of their district. There is no evidence that this process has deterred or negatively influenced the right to vote. None.

Free and fair elections have never been about getting as many people to vote as possible, but rather about encouraging voting by everyone who understands the issues and knows the candidates.

DES MOINES — Iowa Republicans on Tuesday berated federal Democrats for engaging in a partisan “power grab” in trying to “ram through” sweeping election law changes they said were the in the purview of states to decide.

During the height of the global pandemic, former Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz went through the process of ensuring an election while staying within her budget, but did not get a resolution signed to pay the committed and hardworking frontline poll workers.

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