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I am frustrated with the discrimination shown by almost every media outlet against those who do not have a computer or a smart phone. We are concerned with everyone but those who cannot afford those items. I went to a large home-improvement store, and they do not list a phone number on a receipt to call to see if your order is in. The news listed an app or a QR code to copy from your TV to make appointments for a Covid shot, or to get a ride to the location. No phone number. Those who really need a ride or help do not have a smart phone or a computer, because they cannot afford one. Or they have a computer set up by a relative they don’t know how to use. With the reduction in home phones; rise in cell phones as the only means of calling someone; and the lack of phone books with reachable numbers; I find this to be the largest example of discrimination regardless of age, nationality, gender, or race. I hope someone will get on the bandwagon to address the situation.

Travel industry trade groups, airlines and other organizations are developing so-called vaccine passports to make it easier to navigate changing rules. Most are in early stages or only used in certain destinations, though their creators say they are working to expand use. 

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