Real estate transactions for Sunday, May 5, 2019

Real estate transactions for Sunday, May 5, 2019

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Langston, James S. and Stephanie L., to DePauw, Brent M. and Kimberly K., 613 Stone Church Lane, Geneseo; $254,000.

Fogerty, Kevin and Stephanie, to Krapp, Michael R. and Christie L., 355 E. 2nd Avenue, Woodhull; $122,500.

DePauw, Brent M. and Kimberly, to Milham, Ralph Alexander and Hayley Jo, 850 Pluto Street, Geneseo; $185,500.

Hull, Kevin and Dawn, to Fesler, Michael D. and Brose, Debra/ Fesler, Debra, Lot 9 of Danielson's subdivision of a part of Lot 4 of the NE quarter of the SE quarter of Section 32 in Township 15 N, Range 5 E of the 4th Principal Meridian all in the city of Kewanee situated in the county of Henry in the state of Illinois; $13,500.

Moore, Jeffrey L. and Melanie K./ Moore, Jeffrey J., to Kauzlarich, Blake E. and Sebastian, Allison M., 117 South Park Avenue, Geneseo; $168,000.

Dickerson, Barbara J., to CM MJ Holdings, 707 12th Avenue, Orion; $93,000.

Henson, Mark A., to Henson, Luke J. 315 Exchange Street, Colona; $65,000.

Hirsch, John T., to Musgrove, Dylan, 438 Oak Street, Andover; $90,000.

Melton, James D. and Linh T., to Ogden Fields LLC, Pt. Lot 8 Edwards Commercial, Geneseo; $60,000.

Day, JoAnn, to Nimrick, Luther D. and Daleen S., 546 Colleen Street, Woodhull; $65,000.

Woodley, Roger A. Revocable Living Trust, Woodley, Marilyn G. Revocable Living Trust and Woodley Family Limited Partnership, to Cadorath Realty Illinois, 8.78 acres in a part of the NE ¼ of section 27, T16N R1E of the 4th Principal Meridian, Henry County Illinois; $132,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, to Moore, Melanie K., 10 Mary Lane Court, Geneseo; $10.00.

Root, Marian L., to Hetzel, Michael E., Lot 1 in Block 12 of Ryan Gardens, being a part of the east half of Section 10, Township 17 N, Range 1 East of the 4th Principal Meridian, Henry County, Illinois; $30,500.

Ainley, Myrtle Marie, to Pearlstein, Catherine, 421 N. Grove Street, Kewanee; $52,000.


Riley, Andrea, St. Joseph, Mich., to Essono, Sten Frangi, Rock Island; 2501 26th Ave. Ct., Unit L, Rock Island; $49,000.

Butter, Keith R. and Hazel D., Moline, to Hazen, Donald and Deborah, Moline; 3811 22nd Ave., Moline; $142,000.

Deere Employees Credit Union, Moline, to Medinger, Justin and Lacey, Silvis; 1702 13th St., Silvis; $120,000.

DeDoncker, Andrew, East Moline, to JMR Real Estate, Moline; 2038 15th St., Moline; $36,875. 

Anderson, Bruce and Angela, Orion, to Riewerts, John and Alesha, Hillsdale; 28101 N. 136th Ave., Cordova; $228,000.

The Cage & Properties, Moline, to ACDC Investments, Moline; 1642 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $51,600.

Mueller, Thomas E., trustee, Taylor Ridge, to Mueller, Thomas E., Taylor Ridge; 368 acres of farmland, Rock Island County; $756,187.

Sparks, Sharon R., Hampton, to Hoener, Joseph M. and Cara E., East Moline; 408 West Dr., East Moline; $40,000.

Duyvejonck, John H., Alpha, to Whitcomb, Tyler, Moline; 4522 11th Ave. B., Moline; $104,900.

Coopman, Kevin and Susan, Moline, to Hoeck Jr., Laverne, Moline; 523 18th Ave., Moline; $136,500.

Stanger, Charles R. and Diane M., Davenport, to Baherson, Deren and Batterson, Michelle, Davenport; 2413 32nd St., Rock Island; $57,000.

Jacks, Sara Yvonne, Moline, to Boland, Joseph D., Rock Island; 4709 24th Ave., Rock Island; $81,000.

Seesland, William H., trust, Moline, to McDermott, Peter J., Moline; 1121 33rd Ave., Moline; $40,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to DGE Management, Dayton, Texas.; 4510 14th Ave., Rock Island; $105,000.

Rebello, Joseph, Rock Island, to Future Capital, Davenport; 748 17th St., Rock Island; $35,000.

Lee, Doris M., East Moline, to Johnson, Karla F., East Moline; 2221 10th St. East Moline; $97,000.

Fearing, Michael and Laura, Blacklick, Ohio, to Silver, Htoo, Rock Island; 3144 12th St., Rock Island; $103,230.

U.S. Bank Trust, Santa Ana, Calif., to Wise, Jay, Woodhull; 412 4th St., Silvis; $44,900.

Dufur, Peggy L., estate, Rice Lake, Wis., to Mangels, Taylor, East Moline; 759 25th St., East Moline; $54,600.

Clark-Harris, Denise, Mundelein, Ill., to Brindza, Laslo, Rock Island; 800 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $31,000.

Massa, Jayme B. and Toni J., trust, East Moline, to Massa, Kristopher J., East Moline; 4528 8 1/2 St. Ct., East Moline; $300,000. 

Collins, Jack D. and Doris J., trust, Sherrard, to Collins, James R. and Penny L., East Moline; River Road and Coaltown Road, 9.17 acres farmland, East Moline, Hampton Township; $59,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Tex., to Talavera, Keeya, Rock Island; 1011 21st Ave., Rock Island; $42,000.

Pizza Props, Silvis, to Schilling, Robert and Christine, LeClaire; 637 1st St., Silvis; $173,500.

Find N Homes, Rock Island, to Desmet, Debbie, Rock Island; 1848 41st St., Rock Island; $62,000.

Thomas, Shawn, Independence, Ohio, to Bessler, Jerry E., Moline; 1804 41st St., Moline; $128,000.

Massa, Kristopher J., East Moline, to Meier, Brian J. and Gayle L., East Moline; 2112 7th St., East Moline; $148,000.

Natsis, John, Plano, Tex., to Hotchkiss, Steven, Moline; 412 21st Ave., Moline; $52,000.

Lapaczonek, Mary Ann, Moline, to Nordling, Bradley E. and Jamie K., Coal Valley; 10014 U.S. 150, Coal Valley; $160,000.

Vyncke, David M., Moline, to Sierra, Thomas and Vicky Ann, East Moline; 3581 3rd St. A., East Moline; $120,000.

Perez, Salvador and Santiago, Moline, to Calderon, Manuel Perez, Moline; 1927 34th St., Moline; $100,000.l

Hageman, Terri L., Milan, to Neises, Dan, Rock Island; 2625 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $21,000.

TMQCB&T, Davenport, to RIVER, Rock Island; 1901 4th Ave., Rock Island, retail establishment; $235,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1904 12th St., Rock Island; $44,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1235 15th St., Rock Island; $55,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1504 14th St., Rock Island; $54,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1215 11th St., Rock Island; $44,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1917 8th Ave., Rock Island; $59,000.

Whipple, John and Nancy, Silvis, to Washington, Damarius and Chanda, Rock Island; 1628 5th St., Rock Island; $20,000.

Moran, Mark, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Collier, Matthew, Rock Island; 2418 40th St., Rock Island; $242,000.

Frymoyer, Forrest and Renea, Durant, to Liefer, Joseph and Takemoto, Beth, Ames, Iowa; 149th Ave., Milan, 56.81 acres, Bowling Township; $282,000.

Johnson, Robert A., trust, Moline, to Sundaramoorthy, Arun and Dhansekaran, Saraniya, Moline; 3538 56th St. Place, Moline; $155,000.

Mongerson, Ardith, estate, Taylor Ridge, to Ramirez, Christian, Taylor Ridge; 13702 70th St., Taylor Ridge; $31,500.

Hawotte Sr., William E. and Irma E., Rock Island, to Grimes, Brian M., Moline; 2536 33rd St., Moline; $110,000.

Ambrozi, Nancy, estate, Moline, to Kiel, Cameron, Moline; 4817 47th Ave., Moline; $70,000.

Harris, James and Elizabeth, Coal Valley, to Harper, Chelsey R., Moline; 845 32nd Ave., Moline; $104,900.

Wright, Terry L. and Jane A., trust, Eden Prairie, Minn., to Wadsworth, Mark S., trust, Coal Valley; 704 E. 7th St., Coal Valley; $233,000.

Rossa, David R., Moline, to Colley Properties, Moline; 1851 45th St., Rock Island; $70,000.

Boland, Regina M., Moline, to Lootens, Ryan, Moline; 611 24th Ave., Moline; $110,000.

Carey, Jeffrey E. and Leslie A., Milan, to Meiresonne, Gregory T. and Shalane A., Milan; 11719 32nd St. W., Milan; $180,000.

Platinum Property Investments, Hampton, to Bredlau, Peter S. and Joanna, Moline; 1106 19th Ave., Moline; $157,900.

Glackin, Patrick L and Edith, East Moline, to Bileddo, Stephen and Madlyn; 1843 10th St., Moline; $62,900.

Gosa, Brandon D. and Kathleen N., Moline, to Barry, Mamadou, East Moline; 401 39th Ave., East Moline; $138,500.

Eagle, Elizabeth, administrator, Cappaert, Lorna M. estate, Rock Island, to McGuinness, Patrick and Jillian, Rock Island; 1632 18th Ave., Unit #5, Rock Island, condo and garage; $37,000.

Brown, Sam K. and Linda K., East Moline, to Ryker, Sheryl K., East Moline; 1249 48th Ave., Unit 17, East Moline; $50,000.

Quad City Family Real Estate, Moline, to Gandhi, Sunny and Khushboo Patel, Moline; 3326 Park 16th St., Moline; $114,900. 

Rozeboom, Curtis and Kari, Port Byron, to Perley, Dave, Port Byron; 301 N. High St., Port Byron; $132,500.

Halverson, Troy and Dawn, Moline, to Halverson, Joan K., East Moline; 2814 Kennedy Drive, East Moline; $90,000.

Hebbeln, Jake R., Bettendorf, to Lee Lynne Properties, Bettendorf; 10020 92nd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $45,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Dundas, Stephen V. and Leigh T., Santa Ana, Calif.; 432 15th Ave., East Moline; $90,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Dundas, Stephen V. and Leigh T., Santa Ana, Calif.; 1316 15th St., Moline; $120,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Hurst Andersson, Emma Caroline, Chaska, Minn.; 2723 6th Ave., Rock Island; $120,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Wood Jr., James R., Lenox, Mich.; 1525 32nd St., Rock Island; $95,000.


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