Spiral of Light: Iowa City practice offers several modes of alternative healing

Karen Fox, of Iowa City, established Spiral of Light Energy Alignment in 1999. There, Fox practices reiki, ThetaHealing and more.

Karen Fox's journey to becoming a healer began with healing her own body. A longtime migraine sufferer, Fox had dealt with debilitating pain for years with medication.

In 1997, she decided to take a Reiki class a friend was teaching, and she never looked back.

"One morning, I decided to give myself a Reiki session instead of taking the usual fistfull of pills that might keep me out of the hospital," Fox says. "After the session, I slipped into a deep meditation." Fox says she communicated with the universe that she needed the migraine-causing energy blocks to be removed.

"I woke up a half an hour later without a migraine, and I have never had another one." she says.

Reiki uses life-force energy to bring the body into balance and alignment. A typical session involves lying on a massage table while a practitioner connects with Universal Life Force Energy and the patient's chakras through light touch. Chakras are spinning disks of energy located on the center line of the human body. When chakras are out of balance, energy blocks occur and can cause physical and mental ailments. Reiki can help heal these energy blocks and treat issues ranging from physical pain to anxiety and depression.

Fox became a Reiki teacher in 2000. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of clients and has taught 16 people to become Reiki teachers.

She now has her own practice, Spiral of Light Energy Alignment, in Iowa City. 

In 2013, she took her first ThetaHealing class, and now focuses much of her practice on the technique. ThetaHealing typically is used in conjunction with traditional medicine, and uses meditation and spiritual philosophy to connect to a higher power, which Fox calls the "Creator of All That Is." During the process, the practitioner connects with the creator through prayer, and helps facilitate change by releasing the client's limiting beliefs. The brain's theta waves are used during this technique.  

Fox says her client base is comprised of people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. What they all have in common is the desire to improve their lives.

"When clients come to me for any of the kinds of sessions I offer, it is because they want something in their lives to change. They want to feel better, they want to come to peace with something, they want to have better outcomes in their lives. Each of the modalities I offer can help my clients achieve what they’re looking for," Fox says.

Though Fox has treated hundreds of clients over the years, one long-term client stands out.

"She has been on an amazing spiritual journey, expanding her awareness of the oneness of all that is, the power of a deep spiritual connection and a deep self-knowing. With each modality, she has learned and grown. She has worked through difficult challenges of a childhood with many difficulties," Fox says. "She was a person who struggled with depression, she now loves her life and sees each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow."

Other services Fox offers include guided imagery meditation, which uses meditation to help clients focus on examining their lives and find solutions to their issues; and sound healing, which uses crystal singing bowls to help relax clients and bring about balance.

Fox will offer a three-day Basic DNA ThetaHealing seminar on July 8-10 at Sharon's Crystal Palace in Moline. The class is for beginners, and will teach the principles of ThetaHealing to make changes in the lives of practitioners and clients. The cost is $450. 

Services at Spiral of Light are $80 per hour-long session. For more information about Spiral of Light and the ThetaHealing seminar, visit Spiraloflight.co.

Natalie Dal Pra is a regular Radish contributor.

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