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Radish editor Laura Anderson Shaw recently realized that sometimes, you have to stand ridiculously to get the perfect shot.

Mother Nature is a fickle gal. 

It seems as though every time I make plans for something outdoors, it pours down rain. Softball game? Thunderstorms. Camping trip? Damaging winds. Radish cover shoot? Scattered showers. 

Now that it's June, I feel like I've paid my rain-out dues this spring, and I'm hoping that clear skies will roll in for our 11th annual Healthy Living Fair on June 17! We'll be in our usual spot next to the Freight House, at 421 W. River Drive, Davenport. Hopefully, we'll be as lucky as we were the day this month's cover was shot.  

For the shoot, I had this elaborate plan to fill a basket with yummy fruits and veggies, trek over to Radish staff photographer Meg McLaughlin's house, and stage a beautiful photo of it in front of one of the gardens there. But Mother Nature had other plans. Forecast? Scattered showers, intermittent wind gusts, and clouds upon clouds with only the tiniest slivers of occasional sunlight.

It poured on and off that morning, and Meg's yard and garden area turned to sludge. I couldn't very well photograph a muddy mess, and deadline pressures meant we couldn't put the shoot off another day, so on to plan B.

But what was plan B? At that very moment, it wasn't raining — but we couldn't be sure that it wouldn't start up again by the time we journeyed to another location. So, we settled for a pretty spot in the alley next to the office. I arranged the basket with fruits and veggies, and passed it to Meg, who was a good sport and "modeled" for the shoot. She handed me her camera, and we got to work, coaching each other on how to hold the basket, where to stand and position ourselves and the like.

That window of time was rain-free and we got great shots — including a couple silly ones where I'm standing oddly, trying to find the right height. We can only hope for the same rain-free window this fair day! Through the years, we've seen it all -- from sunny days and overcast skies to sprinkles during set up and torrential downpours, so I'm knocking on wood with my fingers crossed for a nice day!

We have plenty in store for you at this year's fair, including fitness demonstrations, more than 50 vendor booths, the annual Pet of the Year contest and more. Read all about it in the Healthy Living Fair guide on pages 19-23.

I can't wait to see you there!

— Laura Anderson Shaw, editor

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