Hanging out with all of the dogs that come to the Radish Healthy Living Fair each June is one of my favorite parts about the fair. Year after year, pups and their owners flock to the fair in droves, the latter of the two eager to talk about how the pair keep each other happy and healthy for their chance to take home the title of Radish Pet of the Year.

Each year, the contenders are big and small, floppy-eared and pointed-eared, curly furred and straight. Some don little vests and handkerchiefs, while others sport colorful and fun collars, harnesses and leashes. Some are carried by their owners, and some are so big they look like they could carry their owners. 

We chat with the pups' loving family members who adore them more than words can express — but we hand them a microphone and give them two minutes to try!

This year, by round of applause, the contest's audience crowned Bailey, a 3-year-old labradoodle and therapy dog from Rock Island. She is the light of her owner's life. The two go everywhere together, according to her owner, Sharon Cramer. Read all about the pair on page 18.

While all of Sharon's dogs through the years have been special to her, she says, Bailey stands out as the "super dog."

We think she's pretty super, too. 

— Laura Anderson Shaw

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