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The Utterly Moderate podcast: Think You Know U.S. Government? (with Lonce Bailey)
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The Utterly Moderate podcast: Think You Know U.S. Government? (with Lonce Bailey)

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Play along at home and see how well you score (and if you beat the hosts!) as political scientist Lonce Bailey quizzes Utterly Moderate hosts Ali and Lawrence about their U.S. government knowledge!

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Two reasonable social scientists, Dr. Alison Dagnes and Dr. Lawrence Eppard, analyze important topics by clearing away politics, opinions, and ideologies to get to the facts.



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We shudder in horror when we watch men walk the streets fully armed as women flee for their lives, covering their faces and hiding in their homes. Neighbors are asked to spy on each other and report anyone who may be suspected of having committed a crime against the state. Children are schooled in a doctrine mandated by a small group of people who know what children need to learn and avoid any teaching that would interfere with their complete devotion to a way of life, ruled by the severe laws of a God who rules every aspect of their lives.

A federal judge’s decision to block the Iowa law preventing local school boards from instituting mask mandates to control the spread of COVID-19 has put hundreds of board members across the state in a tough spot.

In person learning may be back, but virtual learning hasn’t gone anywhere. As a teacher in Davenport Community School District, I am to monitor my students’ behavior as they use an education technology software — Lexia — which is to teach them reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. In a 45-minute class, this is to be up to 30 minutes of instruction. Reading our novel is to take no more than 10 minutes of class. This is only, I’m assured, until the software can tell me the students’ deficits. At that time, the software will generate a lesson for me to teach the students.

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has supported a few House votes, but not the legislation that matters most. House Democrats passed the "John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021" without Republicans. It’s the second time Miller-Meeks has opposed expanded voting rights legislation, voting against the "For the People Act."

In November 2006, in a letter to the editor, I pointed out the Rock Island mayor’s appointments to boards and commissions did not reflect the city’s minority residents in proportion to the population.

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