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PBS' 'Vietnam' slap in face of all who served

PBS' 'Vietnam' slap in face of all who served

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Bill Albracht

When I heard the Ken Burns-Lynn Novik PBS series on the Vietnam War was coming out, I had immediate trepidation as to how it would be handled.

After watching the entire series, I see that I was right in my feelings.

With the exception of the last episode which dealt with our fallen brothers and The Wall, the rest of the series was another slap in the face of all the men who served with honor when our country called.

I feel compelled to quote Jim Webb, Marine Vietnam combat vet, author, former secretary of the Navy and senator from Virginia:

“The sizeable portion of the Vietnam age group who declined to support the counter-culture agenda, and especially the men and women who opted to serve in the military during the Vietnam War, are quite different from their peers who for decades have claimed to speak for them. In fact, they are much like the World War II generation itself. For them Woodstock was a sideshow, college protesters were spoiled brats who would have benefited from having to work a few jobs in order to pay their tuition, and Vietnam represented not an intellectual exercise in draft avoidance or protest marches but a battlefield that was brutal as those their fathers faced in World War II."

Burns and Novik had the unmitigated gall to hold up as spokesman of all Vietnam vets those who came home and protested the war. To further insult us, they held up a draft evader who fled to Canada. This was shown as a righteous alternative to serving your country.

Where were interviews with gallant chopper pilots who came in through shot and shell to pick up our wounded, drop off ammo or provide close air support? Where were the rank and file infantrymen who through fire and steel beat the enemy at every turn in every battle of consequence?

Where were the guys that provided our pay, food, transportation,  petroleum oil and lubricants, logistics and supplies? They had an impact on every grunt that carried an M-16. All served, and the vast majority served with honor and were proud, yes PROUD, of their service to our country.

But that is not what America saw. They saw victims. Victims of a corrupt America. And those victims should be pitied and forgiven for their service because, well, they were merely pawns in a war America had no business being involved in.

The North Vietnamese carried out an invasion into the sovereign country of South Vietnam. It was NOT a civil war; it was a war to stop the south being taken over by communism.

There was no mention of how communism, left unchecked, would  spread to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and then, on to Australia. That was the plan, but the price they paid in Vietnam was so costly that it derailed the entire process, and we did that.

Yes, we did it at a terrible price, but we did it. So to Burns and Novik, nice try in providing the perfect “I told you so” to all who scorned us and took steps to ensure they would never serve.

But the fact is that, when America called, we answered and did so with honor.

Bill Albracht is a decorated Vietnam veteran, retired Secret Service agent,  and security consultant, now living in Bettendorf.


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