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Letter: Why test scores don't equate to failing schools

Letter: Why test scores don't equate to failing schools

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Regarding the April 13 guest column, "Time to address elephant in the classroom""

Why isn’t America  No. 1 for student test scores? Criticizing schools and teachers for low scores doesn’t prove deterioration and lack of effectiveness results. Why accept the myth that scores have decline and we no longer excel as No. 1.

Does one-size-fits-all cure public education? Are we gullible in thinking that a “master teacher” with 25 diverse students is going to have all students performing at the same level?

What’s the impact of these variables: special needs, behavior, cognitive, emotional and language? Does recruiting the brightest students to improve teaching really works?

Teaching is more than simply possessing intelligence. Unless you communicate this knowledge to students what’s been accomplished?

These multiple variables impact test scores:

-- Socioeconomic status of parents;

-- Parent level of education;

-- Occupational status and income;

-- Fewer books in home;

-- Family and neighborhood characteristics!

At no time have our students been No. 1 in test scores compared to other nations. Why expect to get back to the best and head of class when we’ve never been at the head!

Student scores have not declined but remain at the middle or nearer the bottom. Why believe scores indicate schools systems and teachers are failing to educate our students?

It’s a myth to believe schools alone will level the inequalities students bring to the classroom. Opportunities alone do not guarantee success.

There’s no magic bullet for solving low-test scores! Why not address the monopolistic, political, bureaucratic overregulated school system hindering the challenges of 21st century!

Reform or replace?

Larry Chapman,

Port Byron


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