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Letter: Why Rep. Smiddy is clear choice this November

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I've known Mike Smiddy for a long time. He's a hard worker and a good family man. It's unfortunate that people are trying to distort his image by making things up. I've known him for years and he's always been an honest, straight-shooting person with strong convictions.

With Smiddy, we have a bulldog who is going to do right for our region. I know Mike didn't take a pay raise and turned down reimbursement because he knew it's not the right thing to do when so many folks here are struggling. It seems like every day another politician is going to jail and when someone actually tries to do the right thing they're criticized.

Mike wlil always be here fighting for us, and I think folks better think long and hard before casting their ballot. He's an independent guy who doesn't take orders from anyone but his constituents. He may not say what people want to hear, but he always gives you the honest truth. I think we could use more of that right now.

All I can say is that this November, I'm voting for Mike Smiddy for state representative.

Aaron Linke,



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