I was disappointed in Don Wooten's Sunday column ("What do real, political storms portend?").

He stated that the Brexit decision should "be made by parliament, not by popular vote."

And he also said that the referendum reflects "the apparent collapse of democratic government in Great Britain."

Is letting the people express their views in a non-binding referendum not acceptable in a democracy?

I would like to see all legislative bills require approval in a referendum.

This would help to put an end to pork-barrel spending, reduce corruption in government, eliminate the riders quietly tacked on the bills, and reduce the amount of money wasted on things like studying the effects of different music genres on cheese.

Would the American people have voted to continue a no-win war? Congress approved it.

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Almost all households have to live within their means. But our state and federal governments don't.

Referendums on individual issues would improve the quality and integrity of our governments. And they would be a big improvement in transparency.

Today's legislatures are not the answer to today's comic-strip government. Anarchy is not the answer, either.

Let's try a genuine democracy where the people have a real influence on government.

Bill Strathman,



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