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Letter: Why do you go to church?

Letter: Why do you go to church?

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This is in response to the Sept. 5 article about Theresa Caputo, the "Long Island Medium."

When you go to church, do you go to worship God? In church, Holy Spirit is giving us the gift of knowing that he is there too. Holy Spirit reminds us of who Jesus was, is and always will be. In other words, Holy Spirit validates Jesus' life, death and resurrection.

This is not unique to any one person. Holy Spirit enables each person to understand what Jesus taught, reminds us of the lessons we have learned since we surrendered our lives to him and enlightens us concerning things we have prayed about – directions we need in our own lives.

These things Holy Spirit teaches us are so personal, so detailed and so Christ-centered, that it validates him as God. Each individual is able to understand who Holy Spirit is. This, more than anything else, proves that there is more to life than just time in the physical world.

It must be pointed out we can reach God anywhere, anytime. There is no place we are he is not. Wherever a person is, there is Holy Spirit. We can pray to him for strength, guidance, wisdom, assurance, comfort and purpose. He was in the production of the Holy Scriptures, and is alive in his church today.

I hope you do go to church, worship God and allow Holy Spirit to dwell in you to enable you to live for the one who gave you life.

Jerry Willis



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