I often ask people if they own their own body. Most people say no. For example, you own your house and you own your car, but you don't own your body?

So the logic would be, you should be able to ingest something as long as it doesn't result in harm to another individual or the general public.

Smoking and drinking, respectively, result in 500,000 and 70,000 deaths annually. All are perfectly legal thanks to archaic man-made laws, enabled in our court system by men in black coats.

Our prisons are engulfed with people (mostly minorities) who are guilty of nothing more than smoking, or in possession of, a harmless plant, which (wait for it) resulted in zero deaths last year. (Note that is not in combination with other drugs, such as alcohol.)

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So are we going to release and expunge the records of prisoners after cannabis is legalized Jan. 1?

(I won't be holding my breath!)

Tom Keith,



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