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Letter: What is infrastructure?

Letter: What is infrastructure?

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Infrastructure is whatever improves the lives of people.

While roads and bridges are the standard definition of infrastructure, they are a minor percentage of the benefits to the well-being of people.

Education, combating climate change, access to affordable healthcare, affordable housing, clean and safe water, access to healthy food and broadband service, all have greater benefit.

All who argue for the standard narrow definition of infrastructure are not serving the people.

Richard Lausen



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There's a big outbreak of PTSD in America. We're getting "Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats" calling Republicans Nazis. Democrats are famous for accusing others of things that they are guilty of, so let's compare Democrats and the Nazis. The Nazis used poison gas to kill millions and performed medical experiments on others. Democrats are guilty of killing over 60 million through abortions and used chemicals to kill many and sold body parts for medical experiments also.

In response to Fred Ruedy’s “Why Not?” letter to the editor questioning the need for an inquiry into the very real and widely witnessed January attack on our Capitol versus the lack of inquiry into allegations surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop: Hello! Who died because of Hunter Biden’s laptop? Did his laptop lead to the death of five U.S. citizens? Did his laptop cause physical damage to government property?

In two separate letters submitted to this newspaper by Don Erbst, Sr. of Davenport and Don Goembel of Orion, they both conveniently ignore the elephant in the room, while they moan and whine about liberals and Democrats. Goembel, incredibly, almost hilariously, states that "[l]iberals/progressives endlessly accuse conservatives of lying. I have never, however, heard bona fide complaints."

Pathetic! Pathetic, lame, and illogical are the reasons Sen. Chuck Grassley uses to oppose a bi-partisan commission to investigate the Trump-incited insurrection on Jan. 6. To equate a treasonous attack on our Capitol, designed to overthrow our government and destroy democracy, with riots associated with otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations is sheer lunacy. They are not equivalent. The latter is causing trouble and needs to be addressed. The former is a blatant attempt to overthrow the duly elected government in order to pay homage to a grudge-carrying former president who continues to espouse the Big Lie that the office was stolen from him.

This is very easy to suggest and incredibly hard to follow through on: Parents, if you see your child(ren) in the video of the gunfire at the Redstone parking ramp, turn your child(ren) into law enforcement. They may be charged and end up with a record, but if you don’t, they may be on the receiving end of the next gun fight.

I must say that it is very upsetting and scary reading daily about the epidemic raging across this county, especially in this area. Not a day goes by without an episode of the epidemic being reported on the TV news and in the newspaper. There are things that can be done to solve the problem.

A week after the terrible bike fatality at Davenport Avenue and Kimberly Road, by odd coincidence, I came across a series of newspaper articles from the 1960’s. They detailed six months of debate that swirled around the closing of the Jefferson Avenue Underpass below Kimberly and just one block west of the recent accident site. I had never heard of it.

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