Wow. Times have changed. We used to trust our presidents, at least until their corruption was exposed. Not so nowadays. The current administration lies and covers the truth every minute. It also has no respect for the diversity that our nation was built upon.

Fox News used to be a respected and honest news source. It is now an arm of our president as he lies, plots for his own financial profits, and makes alliances with ruthless, murderous dictators. Lying has spread like a disease.

We even get lies in some letters in the newspaper. Like the guy who said he read all the Mueller Report and it totally exonerates the president. You didn't read the report, so why would you say that? You voice the opposite of the report.

The Mueller Report totally tells all the many crimes of President Donald  Trump and that he would be indicted for his crimes if he were not president! If he weren’t protected by the presidency, he’d be in jail. There are 400-plus pages of Trump’s illegal activities. Trump and Attorney General William Barr did a huge coverup on the American people.

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Trump has pushed the rise of intense racism, selfishness, greed, hate and lack of civility. We intentionally harm even children now.

But we can change. Lies and hate should never be part of our country. Let's work to change it.

Linda Larson,

Rock Island


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