Letter: We can't live without combustible fuels

Letter: We can't live without combustible fuels


A previous letter affirms all environmental carbon is caused by fossil fuels and then flippantly suggests we do away with all fossil fuels.

The advanced countries that burn fossil fuels mostly do it pretty cleanly, with a reminder that most of the electric power generated in this country still involves a combustion process. However, many populous continents still openly burn wood and coal for both home and industrial use.

One could make the case that our world’s supply of food is based on diesel — from the walk-behind one-cylinder plow to the massive machines in the plains of Russia and the United States, to the truck farms and orchards everywhere. Almost all the plowing, planting, and harvesting is by diesel-powered equipment, as are the trucks, trains and river barges that move food. The world's fishing boats are all diesel. The ocean vessels that move food around the world are petroleum powered.

Do we also want to do away with the vast majority of fire trucks and ambulances?

Let’s not leave out our entire stock of military equipment: tanks, trucks, aircraft and most Navy vessels, as well as all commercial aircraft.

There simply is no way to live without combustion fuels, but there are other technical solutions.

The politics called "climate change" is this: If they can make you believe it, then politicians will have total control of almost every aspect of your life and behavior.

Arthur Fanter

Coal Valley


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