Why in a country as wonderful as ours are people so full of hate? I ask myself that every day. I cannot get the shootings in El Paso and Dayton out of my mind.

In one place, people were shopping for school supplies, and in the other, having fun at a party. They were not hurting anyone. Why should it cost them their lives?

Both shooters had legal guns  that can kill many people quickly. In the case of Dayton, the man killed nine people and injured over 20 in 30 seconds.

Why does anyone but the military need guns that can kill so many so quickly? Soldiers kill to save their lives, not take them for hateful reasons.

Our president says these men had a mental problem. That is true. It is called hate; such hate that they had to release it on others. But the president should look to his own words. Are they hateful?

These two shootings prove two things:

  • We need to pass stricter gun laws.
  • We should pass laws where no citizen can get guns that kill so many people so quickly.

I know the U.S. Senate has such bills before it, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won’t put them up for a vote. Does he hate Democrats so much or is he afraid of  President Donald Trump?

Act now before more innocent blood is shed.

Sharon K. Dewulf,



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