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Letter: Upset

Letter: Upset


Is anyone upset by what is going on in our country besides me? It began with protesting for George Floyd until antifa and the anarchists took over. They are destroying our history, and for what? Pulling down all the statues is not going to change history. Yes, history has not always been pleasant, but we have learned from our mistakes and, yes, things could be a lot better. But rioting, looting, killing and burning establishments of hard- working people to the ground is not the answer.

Living in Chicago for 30 years, I witnessed four riots, looting and the decimation of our history. Democratic Mayor Richard Daley called in 12,000 cops to work 12-hour shifts, recruited 5,000 National Guard troops and called in 6,000 combat-ready Army troops.

So why is it now that all the Democratic mayors and governors are letting their cities and our country be taken over by these revolutionary socialists? Defunding the police, police getting shot, blinded and many retiring, avoiding being killed.

Democrats, if you want to live in a socialist country, then move to Venezuela, Russia or any other communist country and take antifa and the anarchists with you.

Remember there is a God, and he and we Republicans believe that all lives matter — black, white, purple or green, and yes we include the unborn babies.

Peggy Huffstutler

Coal Valley


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