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Letter: Two more lies

Letter: Two more lies


Let's set the record straight

With the COVID-19 crisis facing Americans today, it isn’t time to cast stones, but there is nothing wrong with setting the record straight.

On the desk of President Truman was a sign saying, "The buck stops here". Unfortunately, the current occupier of the White House must have a sign on his saying, "pass the buck."

Trump, when asked by a reporter at a briefing if he felt responsible for this crisis, stated that he wasn’t.

Again, Trump tried to find a scapegoat for the current health crisis by saying President Obama’s "rule change" prevented him from getting testing started sooner. But the facts are that there were no Obama "rules". This was borne out in a Fox News interview between Chris Wallace and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has served under a number of administrations but was not aware the rules to which Trump was referring.

Also, in interviews involving Trump, he attacked Obama for doing nothing regarding the H1N1 virus in 2009, calling it "a full-scale disaster". In fact, the first case was detected on April 15, 2009, and on April 26, 2009, the government issued its first of two H1N1 public health emergencies. First tests were approved by the CDC two days later with shipments starting May 1, 2009.

There were 60.8 million cases, with 12,469 deaths (not the 13,000 Trump claimed), but because of the swift and prompt actions by the Obama administration, thousands of Americans lives were saved.

Add two more lies to the Trump list.

Jennifer Reed

Coal Valley


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The devil is called the father of lies. It looks like Donald Trump is trying to replace the devil for that title. Since being elected with significant help from his Russian owner, Vladimir Putin, he has racked up more than 20,000 documented false statements, a great many at the "pants on fire" level. These lies actually led to the deaths of many citizens.

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Michael Moore, as a guest on MSNBC's show, The Reidout, offered a really good suggestion: a daily briefing from Joe Biden, even if it's only from his basement. However, if I were producing the program, I would place him in front of his bookcase, as a contrast to Donald Trump, who doesn't even own a book, except for that Bible he likes to wave around but hasn't read.

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