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Letter: Trump's accomplishments

Letter: Trump's accomplishments

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Trump’s accomplishments

I wish everyone who is voting in the November election would read the book “Blitz” by David Horowitz. It talks about what our representatives are doing in Congress and what President Trump has accomplished while he has been in office. I know a number of people will say he is lying, but most of his accomplishments have been published in the newspaper.

Think before you cast your vote how you would like this country to be in the next four years.

C. I. Drolema


No coincidence

We have a program that started in 1964 that we misleadingly call the war on poverty. During the 20 years before the “war” was funded, our poverty rate had dropped from 32.1% to 14.7% . Since then, the poverty rate has remained virtually unchanged. But during this eternal program we have spent over $20 trillion on social welfare programs which incentivize poverty and single motherhood. This has an impact on communities, disproportionately, Black metro communities. In 1965, 21% of Black children were born out of wedlock. Today that figure is 77%. The significance of this: while 31% of Black families headed by single women live below the poverty line, only 7% of Black two-parent families live in poverty, a lower rate than white families.

Children of single Black mothers are more than twice as likely to be arrested for a juvenile crime and three times more likely to end up in jail by age 30. Most of Black poverty occurs in our major cities. Democrats who control these cities refuse to provide good schools. In Chicago and Washington, D.C., schools, the dropout rate is 40%. In some of Chicago’s worst schools, only 5% of students could reach state requirements.

Republican efforts to authorize vouchers or charter schools always suffer defeat by Democrats who are beholden to teachers’ unions. Joe Biden is consistent with that Democrat position.

It is no coincidence that the Democrat-run inner cities suffer the greatest crime rate, including murder. As you can see: Democrats are happy with that.

Robert Stickling

Blue Grass

Change is needed

Political ads have many problems: the sheer number, suspect accusations and confusing claims. Changes are overdo. First, public financing of elections could take away the endless supply of money from elites but allow small contributions from individuals. Second, have a critical, unbiased group fact check ads and report their results promptly. Third, limit the number of ads shown in an hour. Sorry, TV stations, for the loss of revenue. Lastly, shorten the “ad season” to 4 to 6 weeks before the election. Change is good, no change is corrupt.

Ron Phillips



How distressing and wrong is it that the person who holds the highest office in the land is called commander in chief of the armed forces? This person willfully avoided military service, and yet he disparages the service and sacrifice of those who keep this nation from harm. Remember that when you vote.

Caryl Altemus


Standing strong

I would like to thank Sen. Joni Ernst for standing strong with President Trump and supporting Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the next Supreme Court justice. Judge Barrett will interpret the Constitution and make rulings according to the law and not her personal preference. Her credentials are outstanding and speak for themselves.

We have an opportunity to have a justice from the Midwest who will provide the court with the diversity needed to provide equality under the law for all. We need Joni Ernst to continue representing our great state of Iowa. Vote Joni Ernst on Nov. 3.

Terri Stanley



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The White House recently threw Gov. Kim Reynolds under the bus regarding Iowa's response to COVID-19. She was criticized for her policies contributing to needless deaths, and skyrocketing positivity rates, some of the highest in the nation. So much for putting faith in Iowans making the right decisions. Who is really calling the shots in Iowa?

I doubt I am the only one who is exhausted by the financial and political corruption of the current Republican Party. As the saying goes, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Given what they did to block Merrick Garland’s nomination four years ago, the current Supreme Court nomination process in Washington is so cynical that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham aren’t even trying to cover up their hypocrisy.

The Quad-City Times' endorsement of Rep. Cheri Bustos states, "We are disappointed that, when we spoke with her, Bustos was somewhat evasive when confronted with certain issues." Bustos, you say, talked of support for an "ambitious" climate change plan but "we got little idea, despite our probing, what that might mean."

Donald Trump’s most often repeated claim in his reelection campaign is that he’s been a great job creator. To hear him talk, you’d think that job creation skyrocketed after he became president.

The best measure of human misery caused by the pandemic is the ratio of deaths to population. If we had the same ratio as Germany, we would have about 41,000 deaths; France, 167,000; if measured against Canada, it would be 87,000. Instead, we have over 225,000 and rising.

The Illinois ballot this year contains a proposition for Rock Island County that reads, "Should the Illinois General Assembly protect a citizen's right to keep and bear arms as defined by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution?"

Synonyms for fair are impartial and equitable. The proposed “fair” tax is neither of those things, nor is it fair. The only fair tax is that everyone pays the exact same percentage, which is what is in the Illinois Constitution presently.

When The Dispatch-Argus, or any newspaper for that matter, endorses a candidate for president, is it the owner of the paper, one member of the editorial board, or all of them? In any case, who cares who four or five people like? Is their endorsement supposed to sway undecided voters or change the minds of those already committed to a particular candidate?

Anyone who wonders why so many among the very rich have traditionally supported communism while the working class has not should take a careful look at the cozy relationship of Colin Kaepernick and Nike, all made possible by the Chinese Communist Party. Nike reportedly generated $3 billion after pulling its Air Max 1 USA sneakers with its Betsy Ross flag design because Kaepernick said the flag was from an era of slavery. Instead of taking a financial hit, Nike stock shares soared. "What I am beginning to learn about Nike," said Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame, "they know how to take controversy and blow it up into advertising".

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