Letter: Trump instills fear

Letter: Trump instills fear


Well, I feel compelled to write yet another letter to the editor. The idiocy continues. Facts and reality have taken a back seat to "fake news," "hoaxes," and "alternative facts." This con man, pretending to be an "American," has duped enough of the population, including all of the Republican members of the Senate, into believing that he is some sort of an all-knowing demagogue.

Donald Trump's minority support base has drank the Kool-Aid and can't seem to distinguish between right and wrong, or moral and immoral. The blind loyalty to him is frighteningly close to those who were scared to oppose Hitler and his fascism. The consequences of not following your "supreme " leader seemed worse than standing up and saying, "Stop, you do not represent the majority of the people." Hitler, like Trump, depended on the fear he instilled, and the "nationalism" he promoted, in order to advance his own selfish, near-sighted agenda (make money for his brand, corporation, family, wealthy donors and cabinet members.)

I find it amazing that he still has the nerve to attend "rallies" where 75% of the seats are vacant. But, like Hitler, I am sure Trump can demand that he have a parade with all of the tanks, missiles, and military personnel to show how "American" he is, as long as he makes sure he will never spend a day in service.

John Rogers

Rock Island



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