To Democrat politicians:

Would you do ALL of the American people a major favor and give the race card a rest?

Your constant insistence that every word and action in the nation is driven by race is disgusting. The vast majority of whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians in these United States are not so-called racists, but your political party is doing its best to turn them that way.

Your lack of sound policies to run on in 2020 has you turning to the race card 24/7, and it's really getting old fast.

Have you ever considered how your denial of a border wall has endangered the black and Hispanic-American citizenry you were elected to protect? It's you, the Democratic politicians, who have invited every gang member, unchecked disease, foreign criminal and terrorist element from all over the world into the country. What does this do for the safety of our black- and Hispanic-American citizens? They, and whites alike, deserve much better.

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So put the tired, worn out race card back in the deck and try to win 2020 on something else else, if you have anything. The whites, blacks and Hispanics I know are getting along fine. It's you who keep fomenting the issue for your own political gain.

To Americans of all races:

We're all smarter than this. Reject the political party that takes your vote for granted and forgets about you until the next election.

Jeff Gustafson,



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