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Letter: This Trump loyalist is moving on

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Everyone's experienced the breakup or divorce of a couple where you're friends with both people. In situations like this, in addition to child custody, there's the issue of friends. It's sometimes impossible to remain cordial with both plaintiff and respondent; sides must be taken. So here I am, a long-time Republican, who in September 2016, endorsed Donald Trump's candidacy. I wrote dozens of letters over the next four years; promoting President Trump's policies; defending against baseless, partisan charges; challenging mindless hatred. Then COVID-chaos, resulted in widespread, temporary changes in 2020's election process. That's undeniable.

Was the system rigged? A case can be made. Tech billionaires invented the "fake-check/Shadow-ban throttling of pro-Trump content simultaneously burying anti-Biden stories. "Rigged" isn't necessarily illegal. Was the election stolen? I've got no proof. I've seen the audits, algorithms, anomalies, and infomercials. That's not evidence.

President Trump's divorcing those who won't say "The election was stolen."

I'm forced to choose:

1. Donald Trump.

2. Vice President Pence, Attorney General Barr, Ambassador Haley, Jared, Ivanka and all other Republicans now branded "disloyal RINOs".

"Disloyal RINOs? It appears that now includes me.

"RINO": That slur should be reserved for those like Cheney and Kinzinger whose Trump-hate has stolen their souls.

"Disloyal": That describes the 800 morons (in full Trump regalia) who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th, tarnishing the Republican brand, handing those lying, disingenuous Democrats a cudgel that they use every day.

We had a good run, Mr. President. It breaks my heart, but I'm moving on.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr.



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Illinois is fast becoming the abortion capital of the US thanks to our governor. According to Planned Parenthood the number of out-of-state abortions has swelled to over 800 per month. Our so-called Christian/Catholic president is even advocating Medicare pay for transportation to Illinois for moms to kill their unborn babies.

Reading in Thursday's paper, August 11, about the $80 million to be spent at "Field of Dreams" was a shock! With the Food Bank of Iowa, Salvation Army plus many others who need food, I think, as do my friends, think this is really unkind. Direct money to the poor, the ones who need food daily, to those who need housing and to those who need clothes. Why are Iowans so hung up on "Field of Dreams?" It is an entertainment venue and in 10 years, I predict it will be unused and a vacant area. Baseball teams have venues and fields all over this great U.S.A. Can Americans not be content with what we have? Why go making bigger and better, when there are the poor and the hungry to be fed in our own area?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder in the local MAGA world, Rock Island Republicans elect the Wizard of Odd, Larry Stowe, to the party's leadership. Quack snake oil salesman and convicted felon, Stowe, is apparently the best and the brightest local conservatives have to offer. I guess no one should be surprised, what with terrorist and traitor, Donald Trump, at the head of the movement. Still, it's a wonder that gullibility continues to be a lifetime affliction of the undereducated.

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The Rock Island County States Attorney’s Office would like to update the residents of Rock Island County on the progress being made in a very heavy criminal caseload during this busy year. Now that our courtrooms are fully open and we begin to catch up from COVID related delays, we would like to share with our community some of the numbers we have compiled in 2022.

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