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Letter: Think again

Letter: Think again


Three simple, common sense directives: wear a mask, social distance, wash hands frequently. Yet, there are those who refuse to comply. They must think they’re invincible. Think again. COVID-19 knows no age, gender, race, religion or economic status. It will strike anyone, and often with a vengeance.

Some say masks are uncomfortable. So is lying in bed in a hospital for four weeks on a ventilator.

Some say masks don’t work. Think again. Dr. Anthony Fauci says wearing masks has the same effect as closing everything down, and that we could get a handle on COVID-19 in four to six weeks if everyone complied.

States opening up and holiday celebrations have seen non-compliant participants throw caution to the wind. This has resulted in more 20- to 40-year olds testing positive. That, in turn, has caused a resurgence in the over-60 group. Plus, younger children, even a two-month old, have tested positive.

Others say wearing masks infringes on their rights. Seriously? What about my right to live in a safe environment? What about the rights of that two-month old child?

We all have got to start taking this virus seriously and do our part to assist in its eradication. It has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with humanity. Please remember: Masked lives matter.

Rebecca Kron



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