I believe in science. Climate change, I don’t know the cause. I can accept that science claims it exists. Scientists have gotten people to the moon and back and they’ll do the same with Mars. But I don’t think we’ll get there with solar panels or windmills.

Scientist haven’t yet figured out how Captain Kirk flies all around the universe never stopping for fuel. In all those Star Wars they never stop for fuel. What are they using that lasts forever?

It’s time to forget the Green New Deal until science catches up. There are enough problems on this planet.

If something happens and we need our armed forces somewhere, I don’t want to see on a beautiful sunny day aircraft carriers leaving port dragging barges loaded with solar panels.

If the sun doesn’t shine, the ships don’t move. Our submarines couldn’t hide because the periscopes would have to extend 100 feet above water for their windmills.

If the wind didn't blow, the subs wouldn’t go.

For air power, I guess we can try batteries. If that doesn’t work, we’ve got a shot at rubber bands. It’ll take a while to figure out how tight we’ll have to wind them up for the distances we need to travel.

But I’m sure a smart Democrat (if one really exists) who's tied to the  Green New Deal we’ll figure it out.

Marty D. Shannon,

Rock Island


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