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Letter: Suppressing truth

Letter: Suppressing truth


The legislation proposed by Rep. Skyler Wheeler (to reduce funding for districts using The 1619 Project) is an attempt to suppress truth.

It is initiated by ignorance and promoted by opinion.

Wheeler alleges that The 1619 Project is "political propaganda masquerading as history." Rejecting The 1619 Project will, he says, promote "accurate . . . history" that will make students "knowledgeable and patriotic citizens." In reality, rejection would perpetuate misrepresentation and conceal truth.

Truth: the first slave ship to America arrived only 12 years after the first European settlement and a year before the Pilgrims arrived. From the beginning, racial injustice was couched in the laws of the land. The [1741] Slave Code of Tennessee, for example, contained thousands of laws addressing "the better ordering and governing of Negroes and slaves."

Truth: slavery, abolished in 1865, was followed by KKK terror, Jim Crow racist statutes, lynchings, segregation, disenfranchisement, discrimination, and injustice.

Truth: between 1877 and 1950 "4,075 documented lynchings of African Americans took place" (Equal Justice Initiative).

These truths have a legacy, and the historical dogmas that have shaped perceptions and opinions must be questioned.

A good place to start is with the truth. The 1619 Project summons Americans to truthfully grapple with this racial history, confront injustice wherever it exists, and "vow never to repeat the terror and violence of the past." (National Memorial for Peace and Justice).

Paul Olsen



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I see where Scott County’s leading snollygoster, Senator Roby Smith, has persuaded the Iowa Legislature to further restrict voting opportunities. His goal is to thwart Democrats and no-party registrants from voting. Next, I expect Smith will introduce legislation simply making it illegal for no-party and Democrats to vote.

The America I have known is fast disappearing. Changes are taking place with a stroke of a pen. The three branches of government once provided checks and balances to protect our freedoms. Elections used to be free. Now open discourse is ridiculed and censored. Now if you support the "wrong" party you can be blacklisted, threatened, lose your job.

Jill Fluker's (Feb. 27) letter to the editor was right on. Senator Roby Smith does not represent our district or me. I have written and called Roby Smith many times. Only once did I receive any reply. It was two weeks later and was a form email stating that he was too busy to answer.

No one can deny that fossil fuels have provided benefits for developed nations, giving us energy for industry and power to warm our homes. We’ve also found some positive uses for the plastics derived from oil, such as for health care. However, this industry has created massive pollution and has most often negatively impacted low-income communities of color. Oil companies have known about global warming since the 1960s, but they have promoted a media campaign that rivals Big Tobacco to deny these existential threats, and have lobbied members of Congress to put profits for the wealthy over the health of billions.

I live in New Boston, Ill. Occasionally, I travel to Aledo for groceries and medical supplies. When I travel that highway, I am amazed and thankful for the conditions of the roads.

I continue to be absolutely dumbfounded by how disconnected this country has become. How critical one citizen thinks of another. How this much hatred could gather so much momentum.

We are witnessing outrageous and unacceptable behavior. Voter suppression, supported by lies, is a corruption of our democracy, leading down the path of tyranny. Please read "On Tyranny," by Timothy Snyder.

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