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Letter: Support Rayapati

Letter: Support Rayapati

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I am writing in response to a flier that is being circulated by the "Committee for Better City Government" regarding the upcoming mayoral elections and Sangeetha Rayapati and the Moline School Board’s use of Chicago vendors.

As a former president of the Moline-Coal Valley School Board, and as a citizen of Moline, the people of Moline need to know that this flier is misrepresenting the facts. Sangeetha is opposed to outsourcing jobs that have been done previously by the city's employees. Sangeetha’s goal is to serve our residents’ needs and have enough money left over to hire contractors for projects that will make Moline grow. She is also interested in building bridges with these contractors and upgrading our infrastructure and amenities. That’s not outsourcing — that’s growth!

Moline’s school board, and Sangeetha as its president, work with outside contractors to rebuild schools and to provide the best learning environment for our students. What Sangeetha doesn’t do is outsource our teachers or our maintenance staff. We need to make those same choices for the City of Moline. We need to support Sangeetha Rayapati for Moline!

Robert Tallitsch



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