These juvenile delinquent car thieves and teenage brats who are committing crimes (petty or not) and walk away because of their age have been getting out of hand for way too long.

Stealing cars, high speed chases, property damage and they don’t get held responsible; just a slap on the wrist like they are toddlers taking an extra cookie from grandma’s cookie jar?

How about sitting them in a "real" corner or making them do chores like a "big kid?"

Whatever happened to juvenile work camps and community service?

We’ve always got miles of riverfront that are dirty and littered with trash. We've got a lot of clean up from a flood that lasted far too long this year.

How about house arrest and work release when they are not at school? And if they don’t go to school, they can work all day.

You have honest people adopting highways and streets all the time. How about seeing some orange or neon-pink jump suits on these little car thieves and let them understand that there are penalties for costing others? There are lots of things in our communities that they could be doing to help their cities instead of costing them.

What’s the cost of fixing or replacing a police squad car every time one gets wrecked during a chase?

Something has to be done and they need to understand that there is a real penalty for crimes before it escalates and costs everyone.

Jason Stewart



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