Letter: Stand your ground

Letter: Stand your ground


In Don Wooten’s commentary on May 24th, he implied that gun zealots have "lobbied 'stand your ground' legislation into passage".

Mr. Wooten, please explain your alternative to "stand your ground" if you or your family are threatened with a life threatening situation. Thank you.

Chuck White



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Until Donald Trump came along Herbert Hoover was the poster child for presidents failing to meet unprecedented success challenges. The similarities in both men’s backgrounds and philosophies on governing are interesting. Both men came from business backgrounds, Hoover minus the multiple bankruptcies.

Davenport’s leaders want to fix something that’s not broken again. You want to change 3rd and 4th streets from one-ways to two-ways at a cost of $1.1 million to us taxpayers. This only benefits the YMCA and maybe the Viking Cruise Lines at Heritage Park (which we can’t even get to right now). How about we spend that money fixing more streets, something that benefits everyone in Davenport including the so-called tourists? Davenport wasted a ton of money on the Skybridge to nowhere, River Drive’s “flowerpot” medians that had to be partially removed and the who-knows-what-they-are in the former parking lot south of River Dr. between Main and Iowa St.

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Since an increasing majority of citizens recognize the incompetence and lack of basic decency of Donald Trump the main question now is, What next?

When I vote, I think about the men and women who fought and died to ensure my right to do so. Many died and fought for the right of non-Americans to choose the type of government they wanted for their country. When I have to drive to a polling place and provide a valid ID or write to request an absentee ballot, I compare that effort to what they had to endure.

Don Wooten’s recent screed on the editorial page is the now trendy thing among liberals: He apologized for being white in the South during his youth. If he wanted to genuinely apologize, he could have laid out a history of those responsible, one hundred years following the Civil War and Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Act, for keeping Southern blacks in a more subtle form of slavery.

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If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth. This old adage certainly applies to the comments made on the recent absentee voting bill of Sen. Roby Smith and by passed by the Legislature. This bill does nothing to stop absentee voting. Any registered voter in Iowa may request an absentee ballot through the county auditor, the Secretary of State’s website, or with a form mailed to them by a campaign organization or affiliated party. This is exactly what has been done in the past.

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