On this and that ...

-- Here are two reasons assault rifles (I don’t own one) probably won’t be banned:

There are people who believe our country will fail by a depression, currency collapse, etc. Most likely it will be from a massive cybersecurity attack on our power grid, communications, etc. We would be cut off from our government and our government would be cut off from us. So you will have to protect your family, your home and your food, your best friend could be your assault rifle.

Plus, look at the shootings in Chicago, Davenport and Rock Island. People, we are living in a very violent world today!

-- Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and other wealthy people are wanting others to give half their wealth to charity now or when they die. Here’s a novel idea: Give some to your employees! Some janitor would welcome the extra money.

-- John Marx here are reasons Davenport can’t have a floodwall to protect its levy: Rock Island’s wall may not be high enough or strong enough. What about the dikes/levies down river like Andalusia, Buffalo, Burlington, will their walls be high enough or strong enough?  Plus, the flood crest would last even longer.

-- LabCorp is nationwide and they bought Metro Labs and now LabCorp will not be making home lab draws. Why?

-- Milan gas retailers: Did you know that gas is ALWAYS cheaper across the bridge on 11th Street in Rock Island?

-- If you stop my heartbeat, you have committed murder. How is a fetus any different?

-- Since when did the letter X sound like a Z? Xyzal, Xeljanz, Xarelto?

Bill Elder,



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