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Letter: Seek understanding

Letter: Seek understanding


United States history is more than generals' names and the dates of famous battles. Our public schools should teach why we fought a Civil War (hint, claiming it was all about "states' rights" doesn't cut it); why we adopted the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution; why Rosa Parks could not sit at the front of a public bus.

Republican Rep. Skyler Wheeler's bill to ban use of the 1619 Project or any similar curriculum in Iowa schools wants to hide unpleasant facts, perpetuate ignorance, and sweep uncomfortable subjects under a rug - and to financially punish any who disagree with his view of history.

Seeking to gin up support by calling the 1619 Project "Marxist garbage" only reinforces the GOP as a 21st century version of the Know-Nothing-Party. Our public education curricula should always seek to broaden understanding and knowledge, not suppress it; to encourage open discussion and debate, not hew to flag-waving faux patriotism as the one and only teaching standard for American history.

I hope our representatives in the state Legislature agree and vote accordingly should Wheeler's bill come up for a vote.

James Driscoll



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