Letter: RNC suppressing fellow party members

Letter: RNC suppressing fellow party members


I never thought in this toxic, hostile political environment that I’d be writing a letter defending a segment of Republican voters. The Republicans, noted for suppressing the vote of minorities, such as the Native Americans in North Dakota, people of color in Georgia and North Carolina, Hispanics, etc.,  have now disenfranchised their own party members!

In an effort to protect the occupier in the White House, the Republican National Committee is now going to scrap primaries and caucuses in several red states, including South Carolina, Arizona, Kansas and Nevada. This party, the “Party of Lincoln” can now be referred to as the Trumpican Party. This shows how low the RNC has gone under the control of Donald Trump.

The RNC will say that primaries were scrapped under Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (their favorite target). But, the major difference between these former presidents and the current occupier of the White House is, they had NO opponents! Trump has three.

Recent polling shows Trump to have roughly an 84-89% rating among Republicans. Mathematically, that means 11-16% of Republicans DO NOT support him. The RNC’s action now silences this minority from challenging Trump.

It is not that I support these three Trump opponents. It’s because I disapprove of the undemocratic process followed by the TNC (Trump National Committee) to protect the occupier of the White House. In essence, they’re eating their own.

It’s a sad day for those minority Republicans who now have no say so in who they want to represent them.

Jim Eccher



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