Letter: RICo must make right choice for citizens

Letter: RICo must make right choice for citizens


A recent Dispatch-Argus editorial addressed an upcoming project to upgrade to a "state-of-the-art" emergency radio system. Rock Island, Scott County, and other municipal governmental bodies are sharing the cost.

I think our county's share is in excess of $2 million. Some say this money has been "allocated in the budget," however it is difficult to locate this money.

The safety of our citizens and first responders, along with maintenance of our physical assets and maintaining our roads should be the primary duty of our county government.

In my opinion, this is No. 1 on the "must do" list. The system would connect the majority of the Quad-Cities systems with each other and be of great assistance in providing our citizens and first responders with the best protection.

However, this is NOT a reason to ask for a new tax to finance it. The county board has to do what it is elected to do, that is to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Members have to decide if this need is greater than throwing another $2 million or $3 million at Hope Creek, a couple of million dollars to fund a zoo or spend it to protect our first responders and citizens!

The county board's record on making the right decisions in the past has not always been directed towards what is needed. Instead, it is directed at what they want! Follow this closely fellow voters as we go into the budgeting process. Call your board member and let her/him know how you feel on this important issue.

Gary Snyder,

Rock Island


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