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Letter: Retain Justice Kilbride

Letter: Retain Justice Kilbride


I'm responding to Ray La Hood's inaccurate misrepresentations encouraging a "no" vote on Illinois Supreme Court Judge Thomas Kilbride.

His claim that Kilbride owes Mike Madigan favors is false. Kilbride has been active in our community for decades, earning a reputation for honesty and refusing to play favorites.

La Hood criticizes the court's rejection of a proposal changing how district voting maps are drawn, a decision based on law, not opinion. The proposal exceeded our state constitution's limits on ballot initiatives. Kilbride fulfilled his duty to uphold our constitution.

La Hood also criticizes a decision barring cuts to public pensions, an outcome agreed to by every judge on the court. We owe public employees their earned pensions, just as we owe La Hood his pension. Those protections were so important they were included in our state constitution. La Hood claims that public pensions caused Illinois's financial distress. They did not.

La Hood, I understand you and others do not want to retain Justice Kilbride. Your aim is political gain and court control, not impartial justice. Kilbride serves his fellow Illinoisans honestly and fairly, providing unbiased justice.

Why vote to retain Kilbride? Here are two reasons: his changes to make our courts accessible to all, not just a privileged few, and his consistent record of serving Illinois with integrity and honor. I proudly support Justice Kilbride.

Vote" YES" to retain Justice Kilbride!

John D. Hennessey



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