Letter: Remember your mission

Letter: Remember your mission


The decision by the Pleasant View Baptist Church in Bettendorf to host a Scott County teenage Republican forum was disgraceful. Churches are meant to be places of healing and of deep spirituality, where the poor, helpless, marginalized and traumatized are nourished and assisted, in accordance with the teachings of all common religions.

The image of people sitting in church pews beneath a cross, congregating together while listening to hateful and racist speech, was too much for me, not to mention deeply hypocritical.

When will churches develop an ethical backbone and say no when they are approached to host an event like this? We all know the Republican stance on immigration, and the resultant abuse and mistreatment of families and individuals who are fleeing immense personal danger.

How dare they close their blank moral eyes to this crisis and decide to host an event like this, which impressionable teenagers helped to organize and attend? Where was their guidance?

If we can’t look to our religious organizations to present complex moral issues through the lens of kindness and acceptance, then we are truly lost. Religious leaders need to stop backing specific political, hurtful points of view and remember their true mission. Please. For everyone’s sake.

Carolyn Martin



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