“What Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai were not the Ten Suggestions.” -- Gary DeMar

Modern relativism may appear to work in theoretical situations, but fails in the material world. Just try to buy a new car for Monopoly money!

Civility appears to be a good illustration. A woman ignored a stop sign, nearly hitting our car. She subsequently parked near us, and my wife asked her if she knew she had passed a stop sign and nearly hit us? She responded that she wished she had hit us! Such a response stretches credulity!

I’ve noticed that people, with no visible evidence that they are handicapped, park in spaces reserved for the disabled. Many of them appear to be the sort who would be confrontational if someone were to point out their violation. Having driven into New York City, I know that it can cost dearly for parking; but I’ve seen notification that violators of handicapped parking spaces would be subject to fines as high as $350, much higher!

Rude people, very probably, don’t give credibility to the Biblical admonition about sewing and reaping (Galatians 6:7), but the threat of hundreds of dollars for illegal parking ought to deter such behavior.

In addition, arrogantly denying a handicapped person a nearby parking space should be considered. Presuming one’s own importance doesn’t favorably impress others. Respect is earned, not taken.

If you want someone to think well of you, don’t be rude! Selfishness and putting yourself first does not make friends and influence people.

Don Goembel,



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