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Letter: Reality

Letter: Reality

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Thank you to Barb Ickes for reporting on the vast divide that afflicts the Republican Party. Reading the story that appeared in these pages Jan. 6, it’s apparent the gaping chasm is not within the party, but between its leadership and reality.

To those who claim to see no connection between Donald Trump and those charged with crimes related to last year’s seditious attack on the Capitol, please consider what Robert Palmer, now serving a five-year sentence for attacking police officers that day, has testified:

"I have realized that we, meaning Trump supporters, were lied to by those that at the time had great power, meaning the then sitting President, as well as those acting on his behalf. They kept spitting out the false narrative about a stolen election and how it was ‘our duty’ to stand up to tyranny. Little did I realize that they were the tyrannical ones desperate to hold on to power at any cost, even by creating the chaos they knew would happen with such rhetoric.” [Source: Associated Press]

How is it in any way prudent that GOP leaders continue "spitting out the false narrative" of widespread fraud, especially when their rhetoric has been proved to create chaos?

Upcoming elections — from local races to the halls of Congress — will determine whether we as a nation ultimately choose truth and justice, or the fantasies of a Floridian fraudster and his mindless mob. Please choose wisely.

Kai Swanson

Rock Island

(Kai Swanson, a Democrat, is a member of the Rock Island County Board.)


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Today, I received my MidAmerican Energy bill for gas and electric. The amount of natural gas I used for this last 30-day period was actually a little less than last year. I have heard and read about the projected increase in prices for natural gas for this winter ranging from 40%-90%. To my shock my bill had gas prices increasing about 240%.

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It’s reported there is a teacher shortage in Iowa. Why? Is it pay? A survey by Zip Recruiter says Iowa ranks 46th out of 50 states for entry level pay averaging $33,296, which computes to about $14 per hour. A person could make more working for Walmart.

I've read a few opinions and editorials concerning voting rights. It seems that having to do things like presenting an ID of some sort before voting is some sort of great burden, and is quasi-racist. Even President Biden himself answered a question about the midterm election, "Oh, yeah, I think it easily could be illegitimate" and "the increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed."

American democracy is currently looking for new leadership and new direction. The mid-term election of 2022 could start to be the downfall of our democracy. The American voters will decide which direction our government should be leading.

While I agree with almost everything Kristine Sherman wrote in her Jan. 15 letter, "Clueless", regarding the blatant attack on Iowa teachers and our education system by the book-burning Republican Sen. Jake Chapman and his cronies, I simply cannot agree with her telling him to "please return to your Republican clown car and drive somewhere far, far away".

We, the American people, have been disappointed. Why do you ask? Covid has been going on for too long. Sure, we thought it was under control getting vaccinated. Then comes delta and other strains. Seriously? People are dying! Stop the airlines from bringing it here. Make it mandatory to get tested. Make it mandatory to wear a mask. Make it mandatory for everyone to get vaccinated. Stop writing about it, and to the president, Congress and the whole government, do something about it! This is no life, and the pandemic must end. Thank you for your time.

I am 85 years old and I remember the block parties we used to have. Everyone from the block came to have a pot luck lunch, to visit, maybe play some cards. Children would have games to play. It was a good time for all concerned. Now our government is having a block party. Republicans are voting to block Democratic bills and Democrats are voting to block Republican bills. Even the Supreme Court voted as a bloc to object to OSHA's command to require vaccinations or COVID tests for employees of larger corporations. It is too bad that people we elected or the appointees to courts don't have minds of their own. Certainly some individuals have ideas different from their parties. If not, maybe it's time to cancel the party.

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This letter is in response to Stanley Schwenn's letter to the editor, which was printed on Jan. 12. Schwenn should rent the movie "Unplanned" and then see if his stance changes regarding abortion. Abortion is murder, plain and simple murder. It's not the woman deciding what to do with her body, it's the woman deciding to kill an innocent baby. The doctor can hear a heart beat almost as soon as the pregnant mother suspects she is pregnant so don't even think an abortion isn't the murder of a baby who hasn't been given a chance at life.

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