Is anyone else tired of hearing about Democratic-led states vs. Republicans-led states when it comes to the lives of the unborn and now the born?

Wake up Illinois and America. Babies are a gift from God, they are His children not ours, they are our future. God gives them to us to take care of not to kill.

Illinois is one of the poorest states economically. With the passing of  Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s Reproductive Health Act, it would make it one of the poorest states morally.

Our Gov. J.B. Pritzker said in a statement that he looked forward to signing it into law.

I say, “God have mercy on you, governor.”

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Cassidy claims the attacks on abortion have increased dramatically. After 45-plus years of legalized killing, don’t you think it is about time?

It makes me sick every time I hear, “God bless America (Illinois).” Do you really expect Him to bless us when we’re killing His gifts?

With bold states like Alabama, we are beginning to see a light in a very dark tunnel. I hope and pray Illinois, the state of my birth, pulls itself out of this darkness and into the light.

Mary Helen Lievens,



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