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Letter: Please retire

Letter: Please retire

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Dear Senator Grassley:

I see where you are announcing your 8th bid for reelection.

For many years we have faced the following issues:

1. A broken healthcare system. 2. A broken immigration system. 3. No term limits for senators or representatives. 4. Families unable to afford childcare. 5. A failing infrastructure: roads, bridges, outdated water and sewer systems. 6. Young people unable to pay for college or pay off college tuition debt. 7. Gun control: We have a military system and police departments to protect us. We don't need two guns for every adult American. 8. A disappearing middle class. 9. Our most pressing problem, climate change.

In 58 years what have you been able to do to help solve these problems? We need a senator who will reach across the aisle and make decisions that are right for America, not his/her political party.

Please retire and let someone with new ideas, and who is willing to compromise, bring America together to solve these pressing issues.

Rosalind Andersen



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