Letter: Past presidents deported illegal aliens

Letter: Past presidents deported illegal aliens


What did presidents Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower have in common?

They all deported illegal aliens.

Hoover did it in the 1930s to preserve jobs for American workers.

Truman did the same after WWII so veterans could find jobs.

Eisenhower deported millions in 1954 to make room for veterans of WWII and Korea.

Hoover deported all illegal aliens in 1933, Truman deported more than 2 million and Eisenhower 13 million.

In 1954, the population of the USA was about 164 million. Today it's more than 300 million. A comparable number of illegal aliens to be deported might be 26 million.

Some say that in Los Angles today there are more than 775,000 illegal aliens, enough for a congressional district.

Why can’t deportations be done today?

Perhaps many reasons. The Democrats want their votes. The Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce want low-paid workers. The propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, decry any attempt to control the border.

Those who would disrespect the American flag have never been handed a folded one.

Richard L. "Bud" Phillis, MD,



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