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Letter: Out of control spending

Letter: Out of control spending


The $2.2 trillion bailout package passed by Congress will come at a great cost to the American people. Adjusted for 2020 dollars, the direct cost of World War II was $4 trillion, the Vietnam War $1 trillion, and so far, the war in southwest Asia has cost $1.7 trillion.

The legacy costs of treating veterans from Vietnam alone has cost the U.S. close to half a trillion dollars and climbing every year.

Being that government is the sole cause of inflation, not the consumer, the stimulus package will have us paying more dollars out-of-pocket for generations to come.

Inflation and rising prices are always the end result of government spending. Coupled with the fact that we are borrowing from the Chinese communist, and paying them interest, makes this quite a dangerous proposition.

Democrats and Republicans alike aren't really serious about paying off accrued debt. They just push it on down the line for somebody else to deal with. Historically, crushing national debt leads to war. That is how government wipes the slate clean. Trying economic times promotes demagogues, We saw it with Hitler as a result of the Weimar Republic in Germany post World War I. There are no true winners in war. Everyone suffers. Thanks to big government and its out-of-control spending.

Jeffrey Crummy



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