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Letter: Oust Trump and enablers

Letter: Oust Trump and enablers


The devil is called the father of lies. It looks like Donald Trump is trying to replace the devil for that title. Since being elected with significant help from his Russian owner, Vladimir Putin, he has racked up more than 20,000 documented false statements, a great many at the "pants on fire" level. These lies actually led to the deaths of many citizens.

Currently, his sick campaign for re-election outrageously and, of course, falsely is trying to paint Joe Biden as responsible for violence in our country. Most current violence is provoked by Trump’s orders for federal agents to invade cities with Democratic mayors.

Due to his lies and nonexistent leadership during this pandemic, Trump is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of thousands of our citizens. His disciple, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, also used falsehoods lethally as demonstrated by her understating the number of COVID-19 infections in the Iowa meat plants.

Every day, Trump’s toxic language and bragging racism outdo what the day before seemed to be the ultimate in sleaziness. His new ploy is trying to reduce voter turnout by destroying the post office.

In this year’s election, vote so that Trump and his enablers, including Sen. Joni Ernst, have no chance to finish destroying our democracy. Better yet, vote early for Joe Biden by absentee ballot; then encourage your friends to also vote for Joe so that morality, reality and ethics can again guide the office of the president.

Don Moeller



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This proposed constitutional amendment will create an equitable tax structure, and 97% of Illinois taxpayers will either see a tax cut or no change to their taxes. Individuals that make more than $250,000 have been paying around 7% of their income in total taxes in the state, while middle-class residents have been paying around 13%.

The Republican Party screams that only they can stop the socialists (or communists, or anarchists) from destroying the country. They've been using the same scare tactics since 1920. News flash! We've had seven Democratic administrations since 1920, and the United States hasn't gone socialist (or communist, or anarchist).

I am voting "yes" to retain Tom Kilbride on the Illinois Supreme Court. Tom Kilbride has integrity, common sense, intelligence and is willing to work for what is just. He has numerous accolades, including the Illinois State Crime Commission Judicial Award of Excellence, the American Board of Trial Advocates' Judge of the Year Award and Justice for All Award from the Illinois Judges Association, to mention a few.

In 2016, Mitch McConnell held President Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court hostage for 293 days. He used the excuse it was too close to the election.

I am a farmer and U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst has not represented me well during the past six years. Let me explain. My wife and I have pre-existing health conditions. We buy insurance on the open market and the insurance companies always try to gouge us on premiums. Joni Ernst continues to support the health insurance industry to not insure pre-existing conditions.

I have seen it reported on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc., comparing the COVID-19 deaths in the United States to Canada, Germany, etc. Is this a fair or equal comparison? How are these countries reporting covid deaths?

The Sept. 17 article by Ray LaHood against retaining Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride is unfounded and "technically" unsound. I worked with LaHood in getting Rep. Tom Railsback elected many years ago. Reading LaHood's article now sounded like midnight bar talk and my respect for him is in doubt. Just the facts, Ray.

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