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Letter: Not his job

Letter: Not his job

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In the April 29 issue, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst attacks the current president as though it is his job to unify the nation. That would be nice, but that's not his job. This attack reflects a gross failure on her part to draw a conclusion about President Biden's efforts after fewer than 100 days in office.

The cartoon on page A11 of the April 30 issue is an accurate reflection of the political situation.

In general, the former president was divisive and reflects how poorly the current senator is doing her job.

Kenneth Kashmarek



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I was reading a letter in the Sunday opinion section where a guy verbally bashed Democrats in Washington. It upset me since I'm a Democrat and I know it is all lies. The Democrats are not stupid. They are not ignorant. The Democrats in Washington are smart people. They just have a different way of doing things than Republicans.

In two separate letters submitted to this newspaper by Don Erbst, Sr. of Davenport and Don Goembel of Orion, they both conveniently ignore the elephant in the room, while they moan and whine about liberals and Democrats. Goembel, incredibly, almost hilariously, states that "[l]iberals/progressives endlessly accuse conservatives of lying. I have never, however, heard bona fide complaints."

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The recently passed House File 802 is a complete mess of a bill and an embarrassment to the state of Iowa. On the one hand, it bans teaching a number of "specifically defined concepts"; on the other, it claims not to infringe on any freedom of speech or prohibit discussing these concepts "as part of a larger course of academic instruction." But as it does not define what makes a course "larger," and no one teaches any of these concepts in a vacuum, it will either a) have no effect whatever or b) functionally prohibit what it claims to permit.

This is very easy to suggest and incredibly hard to follow through on: Parents, if you see your child(ren) in the video of the gunfire at the Redstone parking ramp, turn your child(ren) into law enforcement. They may be charged and end up with a record, but if you don’t, they may be on the receiving end of the next gun fight.

I must say that it is very upsetting and scary reading daily about the epidemic raging across this county, especially in this area. Not a day goes by without an episode of the epidemic being reported on the TV news and in the newspaper. There are things that can be done to solve the problem.

A week after the terrible bike fatality at Davenport Avenue and Kimberly Road, by odd coincidence, I came across a series of newspaper articles from the 1960’s. They detailed six months of debate that swirled around the closing of the Jefferson Avenue Underpass below Kimberly and just one block west of the recent accident site. I had never heard of it.

Biomass is organic material (wood, plants, manure) that is processed into biofuels, which are used to produce various forms of energy, like electricity, corn ethanol, and bio-diesel. Biofuels are touted as "carbon-neutral" because the biomass captures carbon from the air as it grows. Unfortunately, producing biomass and burning biofuels releases far more carbon back into the atmosphere than the replacement biomass can possibly absorb. Climate scientists universally agree that burning biofuels for energy is not "carbon neutral" and label biofuel production from corn and soybeans in particular "an environmental disaster."

Recently, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds protested Iowa receiving refugee children, saying that this is not our problem. I can understand the political reasons she is making these statements, even the economic. What I object to is her making these statements while displaying a cross around her neck. Are these the statements that should be associated with the teachings of Jesus?

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