Our city of Moline needs a face lift, a new look when we exit our new, beautiful Interstate 74 bridge, lighted of course. We have 25 acres of prime real estate to work with.

The old Moline Township Activity Center needs to turn into a new Visitors Center / Activity Center, something "welcoming" and "spectacular." At Stevens Square, with the Moline Soldiers memorial statue, include a band shell for concerts and various activities. Across the street we have old offices suites that are not inviting or attractive.

We have opportunities everywhere and have left them fall off the curb while still standing. The once Scottish Rite building, now The Spotlight Theatre, is a real treasure now. Moline needs to do the right thing, and not let visitors get off the new bridge and drive by it.

Take a look at what we have now. The Carnegie Library is a tattered building with tattered landscaping across from our soon new five-star hotel. The Moline Daily Dispatch building is empty; what can I say? The Fanny Mae store has no chocolates. Loss of our only shoe repair store is a sad sight. Next, the old Phillips Furniture storefront is a pitiful sight.

I could go on and on. For example, there's the corner Penney's, the Bond Walgreen store on 5th Avenue -- 250 words is not enough.

We need to right the ship, and do what it takes. As Mayor Stephanie Acri said, "do something great." We don't want to be left behind.

Don Lewis,



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