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Letter: Mohr rejected savings

Letter: Mohr rejected savings


"Why did these Republicans reject an easy win for Iowa taxpayers?" asks Laura Belin in her Bleeding Heartland blog dated September 8, 2020. I have to ask the same question. Why did state representatives Gary Mohr, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and John Landon, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, refuse to move a legislative fix that would save Iowa significant annual repayments for overbilling the federal government?

The fix was developed by State Auditor Rob Sand in conjunction with the Reynolds administration and with support from the Senate Appropriations Committee. All was stifled by the inaction of Mohr and Landon.

In the Oct. 2 Quad City Times interview with House District 94 candidates, Mohr and Democrat Marie Gleason, Mohr stated that Republicans prudently passed a conservative budget during last session. This "conservative" budget failed to reflect a relatively simple legislative fix to save Iowa overpayment fees that occur every year. Why? Because Mohr and Landon blew it off.

If you live in House District 94, please read about this incident in the online September 8 Bleeding Heartland article. It ends with Mohr’s response to a question from a Bleeding Heartland reader. His response: "Haha haha!"

Gleason is running for state representative from House District 94. Marie will support saving taxpayer money. Mohr’s failure to agree to legislation that would correct this overbilling issue is not acceptable. It’s time for a change in House District 94.

Joan Marttila



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