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Letter: Miller-Meeks an oxymoron

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An oxymoron is defined as a phrase or figure of speech with a combination of self-contradicting words. A few examples include some awfully good jumbo shrimp or the bitter sweetness of being alone together. An example much closer to home is Iowa's Congressional Representative Dr. Marionette Miller-Meeks.

What else can one call a physician who spreads medical advice with no basis in fact or research, as Dr. Miller-Meeks did when she advocated for the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. Or her insistence that children do not transmit COVID, despite multiple studies and actual cases showing the opposite? Or Miller-Meeks cosigning abortion ban legislation that does not include exceptions for the life of the mother?

What else can one call a representative whose first act was fighting to exclude the ballots of her constituents? Or a representative who voted against infrastructure investments and federal community funding yet claims credit for delivering the funding at events in her district? Or a representative who voted against the historic investment in green energy, but calls herself a champion of clean energy? Or A Representative who voted against Medicare negotiating for lower prescription drug prices, yet claims responsibility for lower prices to AARP?

What else can one call a veteran who votes against healthcare for American veterans exposed to toxic burn pits? Or a veteran who spread disinformation about veterans losing benefits on her social media?

Representative Miller-Meeks' record is pretty ugly, but one oxymoron fits her even better: early retirement.

Jim West



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Donald Trump expresses megalomania while seeking election to the Presidency as well as when he’s confronted with extreme, unbalanced, hostility from Democrats. My observation is his megalomania converts to altruism as he becomes focused on solving America’s national and international problems. (I know, some of you Lefties have just spewed your breakfast oatmeal!)

The 27th UN Climate Change conference (COP 27) was just held in Egypt. Secretary General, Antonio Guterres issued his strongest warning yet, “We are on the highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator.” We have less than 7 years to make the changes necessary to avert the worst of the oncoming climate disaster. Instead of reducing emissions by 45% by 2030, reports show that fossil fuel companies plan to expand drilling. The International Energy Agency states that NO NEW FOSSIL FUEL PROJECTS can go ahead if the world is to tackle global warming. Obviously, we can’t reach these goals overnight, and we will need to use fossil fuels during the transition, but we move forward together. How? Accept the truth that this is an emergency. Explore all options: transitional use of nuclear, maximizing energy efficiency in all buildings, expanding green energy options, reducing wasteful consumption. It won’t be long until we have no options left.

The people have spoken and in state after state, they voted to save democracy. MAGA Republicans and election deniers lost despite being the party out of power in a midterm, despite high gas prices and cost of living, despite all the campaign ads warning of doom and gloom. It seems voters prefer women having the right to choose, their votes being counted, and elections being respected along with civility and competence from their leaders.

On Monday, Nov. 14, while under pressure from the GOP caucus, a spokesperson for the house GOP leader McCarthy stated that Rep. McCarthy would be elected Speaker and was focused on "saving the country."

No sooner are the mid-terms over in Iowa, than Governor Reynolds is once again, trying to resurrect her School Vouchers bill. You know, the bill that says the Iowa taxpayers will all chip in to help the wealthy citizens pay tuition for their children’s private schools/ private academies. This drive of hers to legislate this into being is her way of showing the love to those who contributed heavily to the “Red Wave” this last election. Republicans are for the people all right … the people who make their candidacy successful. The “Red Wave” voters will be happy for this warm gesture from their Governor whose Legislature will continue to starve the public schools of rightful funds, as Republicans have done whenever in office, and fully intend to keep doing in order to insure their elections. We once boasted of our schools being in the top tier of the nation. That will not happen any time soon, as we have fallen to the mediocre and have lost the chops to brag about the quality of our schools. Who among us would choose to support such a ridiculous bill for the rich with our hard-earned money?! Surely, we can figure this one out!

So, Donald Trump has announced he is running for President, again. Is he admitting his defeated in 2020? By law, if he was really re-elected in 2020, he cannot be elected again. Does he think that being an “active” candidate will shield him from the various prosecutions he facing? The Justice Department has said that will not be the case. Since he tried to use the department as his own private weapon against his “enemies,” he may not understand the concept of an impartial independent agency.

It seems that, with every mass shooting, one of the first statements from law enforcement, the media, and other spokespeople is, “we are searching for a motive.” Maybe the motive is as simple as, "he had a gun and he wanted to kill people.” Anything beyond that seems to me to be allowing these shooters to air their grievances and/or delusions and thus in a sense makes those who search for and air their “motives” accomplices in the heinous acts of these killers. Does finding a motive serve to help these senseless acts make sense and thus be more manageable for our intellects? I think it serves to normalize them, which has become quite evident in our recent history. Just something to ponder with the next mass shooting and the ones that will follow.

Iowa's elections were predicated on fear, prejudice, and ignorance. Let's begin with fear. Iowans were led to believe we needed to pass strict scrutiny into the constitution to protect ourselves. From what? I haven't seen any marauding bands of immigrants wreaking havoc, it's paranoid, anti-government militias posing the biggest threat, Shame on county sheriffs who endorsed the amendment, what party was in charge when police were beaten during the insurrection? More guns certainly make lives safer. The next amendment should include hitching posts, and water troughs for horses.

Father Marv Mottet used to say that “voting is merely 1% of our political responsibility”. Many of us think our civic duty is over after an election, but it is just beginning. The work for social, cultural and economic change does not end with an election.

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