Asking for Mexico's help in stopping migrants from Guatemala coming into the U.S. is like asking Elmer Fudd to be best buddies with Bugs Bunny. It's like asking Sylvester the Cat to babysit Tweety Bird. It's like having Honest John the Fox guard the hen house.

Why would President Donald Trump think that Mexico is interested in stopping illegal immigrants from coming into this country when Mexico has allowed and given tacit approval to millions of its citizens to come here illegally? Why would he think Mexico wants to stop drugs from coming into this country when it has done nothing to stop it for years?

Neither political party, of which there is about 50 cents worth of difference between the two, thinks too much of Trump's tariffs to coerce Mexico into helping us with the migrant crisis. Why would they? Democrats like the potential votes and Republicans like the cheap labor. As George Carlin said, "It's one big club and you ain't in it."

Since we've lost so many jobs to Mexico, China, and other countries, it's a good thing that the D-Day landing happened 75 years ago. If we tried something like that now, our Higgins boats would be made in Tijuana, our uniforms made in Sri Lanka, and our bombers made in China but assembled here. It would be Losie the Liveter instead of Rosie.

If you're a politician, it's important to remind Americans that we are all citizens of the world. So God bless America, God bless Mexico, and God bless The People's Republic Of China. Our jobs are your jobs.

Jim Vize,



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