Letter: Lest we forget

Letter: Lest we forget


When can you tell President Trump is lying? Answer: When he opens his mouth.

We can’t blame Trump for the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, but:

On January 13, 2017, President Obama’s aides met with Trump’s transition aids to share with them the variety of issues facing the new administration. Those discussions included potential pandemic health crises and the challenges. Apparently, Trump ignored the information.

In May, 2018, Trump downsized the office of the National Security Council dedicated to managing and monitoring pandemics. Why did Trump do this?

In 2019, the "Crimson Contagion" simulation by Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services concludes the U.S. is completely unprepared for any pandemic. Wasn’t Trump and his administration warned?

On January 22, 2020 Trump said not to worry about COVID-19 and that we have it under control.

From January 22 through mid-March and onward, Trump has made numerous false, misleading and uninformed statements to the public. In fact, whenever professionally trained medical personnel inform the public, Trump is quick to contradict this information.

In late February, as the deaths and cases rose, he began blaming others for the pandemic, including the Democrats, the media and former President Obama. At no time did he accept any responsibility.

Because of Trump's ineptitude, incompetence and lack of preparedness we are relegated to seeing our children and grandchildren at a distance. There are no family gatherings and our friends, like ourselves, have had to self isolate.

Needless to say, we are angered at Trump’s handling of this crisis. Lest we forget.

Jim Eccher



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